June 23, 2009

Apartment Essentials

Now that I'm somewhat settled into my new abode, I've been debating on what may, or may not, be “apartment essentials”. Below is a list of things I've been contemplating over the past week or so.

1. Ironing Board/Iron
Reasoning: I'd rather spend what little extra money I have on alcohol, shopping and socializing (not in that particular order) than on dry cleaning.
Pros: Saving money and looking slightly more put together while in the office.
Cons: I hate ironing.

2. Netflix
Reasoning: Now that the ‘rents are no longer roommates I don’t have unlimited access to their Blockbuster/Netflix account. While I made it through the first month without rentals just fine (re falling in love all over again with Entourage…VICTORY!), I have now rented 2 movies from On Demand in the past week. While I loved The Reader and enjoyed RPrattz, 4 hours cost me approximately 2-3 drinks on average weekend night (see #1 for my general priorities).
Pros: I love movies and for $13.99 I could get 2 rentals at a time + unlimited movies from my mac and never have to stray further than my mailbox. Sounds like a steal.
Cons: Knowing my obsessive nature, I’d may opt to watch movies all weekend instead of socializing like a normal 25 year old (again see #1 for my general priorities).

3. A Kitten
Reasoning: Cause they’re just so darn cute!
Pros: See above.
Cons: More than likely a cat may cost as much or more than dry cleaning. I would, of course, have to get approval from the roommate and in the long run, it might just turn out to be the devil (hello have you ever met Charlie the cat? He is quite possibly the devil, but he is darn cute!).

I have a tendency to make impulse decisions when I want something, so I’m going to wait a week and get back to you.

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