June 30, 2009

A marathon of sorts

Sensing a lack of social plans for this past weekend, I convinced myself that it was the perfect opportunity to partake in a movie filled weekend. I’ve always enjoyed movies, in fact the 1 year stint I had at blockbuster in college may have been the best 12 months of my life, although my junior year social life may disagree with that statement.

Before I go too in depth about my movie marathon, you may need some background information to understand my selections. My interests have always been a little random and I suspect you don’t find too many shopaholic/history enthusiasts, but that’s pretty much me in a nutshell. In fact, I only know one other girl who’s equally as interested in assembling the perfect outfit as the details of the Treaty of Versailles. Not only can we talk (at length) about our favorite President(s) but we also typically look good while doing so.

So now that I’ve put it out there for the world that I’m a dork, you might understand why I went on a WWII binge this weekend. Well you may not understand it, but you’ve got the background.

So on Friday night I ventured into my local blockbuster and picked up Parts 1-4 of the Band of Brothers and by Saturday morning I was back picking up the remaining 6. I’m like this, I find something I like and I get moderately (you can use that loosely) obsessed. So again with no social plans I made a date with my Madre for dinner which of course led to me rambling about the series, the accomplishments 101st Airborne Division and how absolutely amazing it is that this story is based on a real company and real events. Have I mentioned obsessive tendencies run in the family?

This brings me to Sunday when I unknowingly stumbled about Saving Private Ryan on TV (who was also, coincidently, a member of the 101st, although fictitiously). Clearly the TV gods were speaking directly to me and helping to perpetuate my new infatuation. Thank you TNT, thank you.

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  1. I suppose my classic style can be traced back to my love of WWII. Since we are on the subject someone asked me last week if I knew who was the fourth state to ratify the constitution? I did not and felt like a friggin idiot. Do you? If not it may surprise you, no googling!