July 10, 2009

In no particular order...

The below is a list of things that are in the somewhat near future and are thus helping me get through this incredibly long Friday workday….

I’m heading to Louisville tomorrow afternoon to celebrate my friend Kellie’s 25th (welcome to the club) birthday. I kinda love Louisville, especially my friends who live there so it should be a good time.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blooded Prince
I’ve been anxiously awaiting this since its intended release date of, ahem, November. Plus Daniel Radcliff being ridiculously adorable on the Today Show this morning only added to my excitement. Unfortunately, I will be waiting until a reasonable hour to see a showing. I'm too sleep deprived to survive an opening day midnight showing.

Future Roadtrips
I have several upcoming roadtrips that should make for an incredible end to summer/beginning of fall. In August I'm going to Richmond, VA to see one of my favorite people on the planet Megan. Hey after surviving 2006-2007 we can handle anything!

Then September brings a weekend trip to Chicago to see U2 with my roommate and then celebrating another 25th birthday in Vegas!

Fall Clothes
I already started clearing out my closet for the arrival of new and highly sought after fall attire. Think I’m a bit early? Nah, JCrew announced some of their new fall pieces today.

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