July 21, 2009

Recent developments...

- I’m in love with the new Mat Kearney CD “City of Black White”.
- Particularly the song titled “Lifeline”.
- I caught a glimpse of the new JCrew fall catalog and I’m obsessed.
- Particularly with this outfit…

- The above picture reminds me of an outfit Sloan wore in a recent episode of Entourage (I think Sloan wore a blazer, not a cardigan but that’s beyond the point). Point being that show makes me happy.
- I desperately want to see “500 Days of Summer”. If you don’t know what I’m talking about watch the trailer.
- I'd like to start reading more regularly. I’ve almost finished Band of Brothers. Next up The Given Day by Dennis Lehane and The Reader by Bernhard Shlink. I will read these by the end of summer.
- Last night’s episode of The Bachelorette (The Men Tell All) was anti-climatic. Firstly, there was no Reid. Secondly, there was no Wes. Thirdly, David received way too much air time. Fourthly, I will die if Jake is the next Bachelor. Fifthly, my favorite Jesse did not get enough screen time.

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