January 5, 2010

Part 3: All That Remains (aka Fall/Winter of 2009)

I had intentions of completing my year in review prior to the New Year but that didn’t really happen. So here we have Part 3, better late than never I suppose and Happy 2010!

Per usual (at least pour moi) the fall/winter months slowly become more and more boring. The weather changes, tv shows start to premiere and I naturally become a hermit. This year was no different. In 2005 I became obsessed with foreign films, in 2007 I was too busy living out of a suitcase to know any better, and in 2009 I found new TV shows to catch my attention, most notably Mad Men and True Blood. And now when every show known to man is in winter hiatus I have a series re-watch of LOST to keep me occupied.

As for actual events, my dad was inducted into his high school Hall of Fame and yours truly was given the task of introducing dear old dad. Absolutely nothing noteworthy stands out from November other Thanksgiving and the enjoyable extra days off from work. That and of course, the annual Thanksgiving Day tradition of venturing to the movies. This year the selection: New Moon This tradition also carried over to Christmas Day (Sherlock Holmes & Up in the Air).

So that's 2009, for better and for worse. As for 2010, I'm hoping to spend more time writing, take more pictures and as always embark on some notable road trips. First up Chicago this weekend for the one and only Gaga. Details, I'm sure, are to follow.

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