January 15, 2010

the things that keep me entertained

Per usual, the first thing I did this morning was check my Google Reader. Most days, I sift through haphazardly, only skimming the content, but not today. Today was a good day, as one of my favorite blogs, 20-Nothings, was updated. 20-Nothings is one of the blogs I am religious to. Religious is not a word I throw around lightly, but if you can be religious to a blog, then 20-Nothings is my version of the Bible. If you don't read 20-Nothings, please check it out. I love slash concur with about 99.9% of the posts.

But I digress, today’s post was about another 20 something blog/social experiment, 100girls100days. And here I am almost 8 hours later, having read all, yes ALL, 68 days (+ the few other posts). Not sure I'm any wiser, but I am (was) entertained. I wonder if any females out there haven taken on their own version of this social experiment. If Cincinnati wasn't the pit of despair of dating, I would think about giving this a try, but alas Cincinnati IS the pit of despair and who am I kidding, if I went on even A date that would be miracle.

Today reminds me of when I found Ruminations and instantly became preoccupied for a week, only this time it lasted a day. But nonetheless, thank you 100girls100days for helping make this Friday much more enjoyable.

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1 comment:

  1. This is a great idea. My manfriend is OBSESSED with LOST, so I am trying to catch up before the new season starts. Impossible? Definitely. Am I trying anyway? You bet your ass.