November 5, 2010

Closet Confessions

You guys, I have a confession. KendiEveryday’s 30for30 challenge couldn’t have happened at a better time. Not because fall is my favorite fashion season, or because of the endless possibilities of the layering, or even because it’s finally cold enough to bring out one my favorite fashion accessories – tights.

The real reason I’m so pumped for the 30for30 is because I fully plan on participating in the shopping ban. If you follow Kendi, you know there are 2 core tenants to the challenge – 1) to remix 30 items into 30 outfits and 2) no shopping for 30 days. So here's to my first “official” shopping ban. Please excuse me, while I filter all my shopping e-mails and shred all my store coupons.


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  1. I never follow through on my shopping bans, but I'm hoping I do for this one!! I'm excited to begin. :)

    - Cara-Mia