November 23, 2010


Halfway 1-15

- Different hairstyles can change the feel of an entire outfit

- Skirts are really versatile {although one particular skirt has yet to be worn}

- My Steve Madden tall black boots are my favorite shoes and have probably been worn more than they should {mental note – add a brown pair to my ever growing Christmas list}

- Speaking of Christmas Lists I’m asking Santa for this this and this {and maybe a photographer too}

- I have a ton of clothes – but I’m not necessarily missing a lot of them. I may just keep on remixing these favorites straight through winter {although not exclusively}

- Lipstick can make a WORLD of difference

- The best part about blogging {which I’ve mentioned here and here} are the friends/community

- Belts are a girl’s best friend {as seen in 12 of 15 outfits thus far}

- A dress can also double as top and a cardi can just as easily be worn as a blouse {who knew?!}

- A photo can really capture the difference bold colors make

- Layers, when done right, can add a richness to any outfit without adding “bulk”

What observations have you made?

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  1. i 100% with each and every one of these! great post!! (:

  2. I love all your observations. AND all your outfits, too. :)

  3. Been definitely trying out new ways to add character. Tank tops peeking under top and sweaters add color, shirts under dress are also very new for me. Wearing a pin on the lower part of my sweater was a first, too.

    So fun!


  4. You have great hair. That is what I think every time I visit your blog.
    You have a great way of accessorizing.

    The Auspicious Life

  5. I want your wardrobe! My shabby duds have a crush on your outfits. And that's no lie.

  6. You made some great points and I totally agree with you about the belts! I need to start changing up my hairstyles after looking at all your pictures together.

  7. Nice remixes! I really appreciate the professional and classy look bring. Keep it up!


  8. You look amazing in your looks! Your observations were insightful...
    Kristina J.

  9. I LOVE all your outfits! It was so hard for me to choose a favorite, but I think #1 and #18 are it for me.
    And I completely agree with you about your insight! Hair style can change the whole look of an outfit.

  10. Lipstick and hairstyle really can make a world of difference! My hair is pretty short right now, which makes that a bit of a challenge. You are making me miss my long hair!

  11. I meant to tell you I tagged you in my blog today!!! I hope you do it because I would love to learn more about you!

  12. it's so cool to see all your outfits together!

  13. I love all your observations, I definitely agree with belts being a girl's best friend! I love seeing all your outfits next to each other, they all look so different!

  14. Love your observations!
    See my blog!

  15. I have that same pink cardigan from LOFT, and I love seeing the different ways you style it. Gives me so much inspiration!

  16. This is totally RAN-DUM, but I found your blog via Kendi Everyday, and out of all the "remixers" I have seen, I like your style!You make this look so easy. My bestie, sister and I are starting our 30 for 30 on January 5th, I hope I can make it like the rest of you all!! xoxo-Stephanie