November 17, 2010

Remix Recap: Days 6 -10

Remix Recap: Days 6 - 10

I can’t believe how fast this challenge is going by. This is not to say that everyday has been a walk in the park. I’ve had some ups and downs, and I’m sure there are still quite a few to come.

Actually most of these outfits were downs (at the time I got dressed), but looking back now I’m really liking all of them. Hindsight is 20:20, right?

Favorite anyone? I’m partial to Day 7. I took an idea put a twist on it and I absolutely loved the way it turned out. Coupled with a good hair day and this day couldn’t have been much better

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  1. I love 7 too... VERY good hair day. Although I don't see a "bad" hair day here. :) I love your all black outfits too... even though they aren't your fav or something you would wear every day, they are tres chic!

  2. it is flying by! and i agree with you. my favorite is definitely #7. it's interesting, pretty, chic, and your hair looks gorgeous!

  3. I'm just going to have to agree with everyone and 7 is definitely my fav too! Especially the hair. I'm so jealous yours can do that...

  4. Guess I am following the crowd! Day 7 is my favorite.

  5. I like Day 7.

    I have to scroll back to your posts because I can't remember if they are pants or skirts. you should use full length pictures in your comparisons if solely to save me time.