December 16, 2010

Work vs. Play

{Top & Belt: Anthro, Cardigan: Banana Republic, Pants: Express, Boots: Target}

{ps, cardigan is purple. silly camera}

I have the tendency to categorize things in my closet as a) work or b) play. My obsessive nature thought it would be a fabulous idea to use my 2 closets {I know I’m one of the lucky kids} to separate my work clothes from my fun clothes {it should be noted that each closet is color coded, I have a thing for color coding}. After completing the 30 for 30 challenge, I began to realize that maybe I was creating more of a problem than a solution. I always thought separating the 2 would make it easier to get dressed in the morning/for a night out with friends. Just go to the appropriate closet and select the appropriate outfit.

Sounds great, right?

What I’m coming to realize is that by separating my clothes based on situation I’m cutting my wardrobe in half. The unforunate result is that my “I don’t have anything to wear” syndrome has doubled. This is not good guys. I’m a long time sufferer of “I don’t have anything to wear” syndrome and I’m in the market for a cure. Today’s outfit is a first step as it's a combination of both sides of my closet. This shirt and belt came from the “fun” side, while the pants and cardigan came from the "work" side. I was pleasantly surprised that by adding a nice pair of pants and longer cardigan this shirt instantly became work ready.

Now my head is in a scramble and my closet, well, it’s about to receive an overhaul. Stayed tuned as I continue {and by continue and I mean try} to style my more playful fun pieces into office ready looks.

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  1. Oh girl, I know what you mean. I have 2 closets too: one for my dressed up stuff and another for everyday clothes. It's not helping my cause neither! Ha. Maybe this winter break I'll find a way to reorganize my closets...


  2. You're so lucky you have two closets! I'm so jealous, although it's probably good I don't have two because then I'd fill them all the more. I love your outfit today! It's so work appropriate, but the top is so pretty and playful. I can't wait to see more of your mixing work and play.

  3. Mixing it up is so much fun! Maybe it's just that I like to push the boundaries a bit, but I love mixing my "fun" clothes into my work life.

  4. what a cute top! it is definitely work appropriate with the way you styled in. it's great to be able to look at your closet in this way!

  5. Good for you for not wanting to limit your work or play wardrobes! I think with Kendi's help a lot of us ladies will be revamping our wardrobes over the next several weeks!

  6. I used to do that in my old apartment, when I had two closets. When I moved into my new place, with one giant walk in closet, I found I got much more creative when all my clothes were combined. Isn't it funny how that works?

  7. I'm finally getting around to checking out the other remixers from the 30 for 30, because one project at a time is about all I can handle :) I spend too many minutes to count, every morning, trying to put a creative spin on my corporate wardrobe, so I know what you're going through here! My closet is all color coded, too, and I'm trying to figure out a new organization tactic that will help with my creativity a little...

  8. You have such lovely style girl! Your outfits are so put together. I'll definitely be following :]

  9. This outfit is darling! I have some pants similar to those and I'll have to try a look like this! I have such a hard time with pants for some reason!

  10. Love the way you mix colors!


  11. i need to rework my closet, too.

    p.s. i love your hair like that!

  12. This outfit is adorable. Love. Your hair looks really nice too.

    I do not have two closets but I do have two rods in my closet (one higher and one lower). Since the higher one is more of a pain for me to reach (I'm short), I put less-worn items up there. Frequently worn items go on the lower rod.

    Maybe you could separate your closet tops and bottoms?

  13. Good decision because this looks great!

  14. Good luck in overhauling your closet. I'm doing a bit of wardrobe purging myself and now have two shopping bags FULL of clothing I no longer wish to own. I think all of the options were just confusing me and giving me "I have nothing to wear" syndrome as well.