January 20, 2011

I'm a Scatterbrained Wuss. There I said it.

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Time to go home!Commute

I interrupt 26 and Counting to bring you a....weather update? Okay, it's not really an update. It's just pictures from a few different views I have each day {home, work, drive}. Also, I can't post my outfit today because you aren't supposed to see until Tuesday. Yep, that means today is actually my Breton Stripe day. I'm too neurotic to leave something like Everybody, Everywear up to chance. See chances are I won't be able to take outfit pictures on Tuesday. Why you ask? Well because I will be enjoying the lovely and warm South Florida weather. Seeing as my apparent comfort zone is outfit pictures in the quiet and safe oasis of my bedroom, I couldn't risk taking the potential fiasco that is taking pictures in a new location. You understand, right?

{no cyclops jokes, I realize it looks like I only have 1 eye}

I know you guys probably would like to see different locations and poses. But I don't have a tripod. And, well, it's cold outside. And I'm a wuss. Feel free to send your photographers my way. Clearly, I need one. Okay, I think this is enough rambling for today. Sorry if the above is a bit scatterbrained. But that's just how I am feeling today.

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