February 18, 2011

I'm A Creep{er}

2-17-11 3
{Top & Shoes: Target, Cardigan: Ann Taylor, Pants & Necklace: Express, Belt: H&M}

2-17-11 5


I interrupt today’s rambling nonsense {like why my necklace looks so weird} to bring you a little evidence of my recent #GoslingWatch endeavors. Unfortunately, they were filming so I wasn’t able to properly introduce myself {or propose marriage} to Ry Ry. But they say the best relationships start off slow, so perhaps this was all for the best. Also, are you wondering who that dapper man is with the salt and pepper hair? Well that friends, is George Clooney. Despite being across the street you could easily spot his pearly whites. You could also see Ryan chugging a venti Starbucks coffee {a man after my own caffeine addicted heart}. Okay, time to stop typing and get on with the photos.

2-18-11 4

2-18-11 6

2-18-11 8

2-18-11 9

2-18-11 2

If that doesn't make your Friday a bit better, then I'm not sure what will.

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  1. First, Love the outfit! Second, why is it I spend most of my life downtown and STILL no George or Ryan!?!?! It's killing me!!! I WILL marry Ryan..one day. He just doesn't know it.

  2. Friday is definitely better! Ryan AND George...it just doesn't get better than that!!

  3. Perfect way to start a Friday! :)

  4. i love the pink cardigan in your outfit and i like the fact that you're mixing pants more into your outfits. you look so great in them!

    and how cool that you were able to actually see Ryan and George!!

    cute and little

  5. Ok, you take Ryan and I get George, deal?!

    I am loving how all the colors are coming together here -- especially with that brown belt.

  6. *sigh* My heart would have stopped at the sight of George Clooney! Love your bright pink cardi today! Lookin' gorgeous, as usual!

  7. Success! This definitely improved my Friday morning.

    Also, I like how you paired the belt, shoes and pants together.

  8. ACK!! You MADE my Friday. I'm so stoked for you, I feel like I was right there with you creepin. He's dreamy.

    And your pinks and blues are so happy!

  9. I'll let you have Ry Ry if you give me George.
    Thanks for the eye candy - the men and your outfit that is just calling for spring!

  10. You found him!!! Yea! I love all the photos. :)

  11. Hahahha Love your "creeper" pictures. He is one very sexy man!

    Also, pink with the denim top? I must recreate this myself - love it!

  12. love the outfit!! Cute little cardigan and the button up is sweet as well. You finally managed to snap some shot of Ryan! You go girl! Makes my gray friday just a bit more fun!

  13. ohmygoodness. I don't think I've ever been so jealous. Sigh.

  14. OH how exciting! Good for you. I don't often find myself starstruck, but if I ever meet Daniel Craig, my hubby gave me permission to walk up and kiss him on the lips. Yup. I said it.

  15. Love this outfit, and I can duplicate it which makes me love it even more. Thanks for idea! :)

  16. WHOOOOO HOOOOO!~ That's so cool. Was your heart like beating out of your chest?

  17. Cute outfit and I love the "stalker" photos!! Hey, if you do meet him and become Mrs. Gosling, I hope you don't forget about us little bloggers!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  18. Oh lucky you! He's so hot! That of course makes anyones day way better!

    Have a lovely weekend dear! {after seeing Mr.Clooney who wouldn't}

  19. ah, that can definitely brighten a friday! oh that smile...

    anyway, i love this look today! the chambray, black, and pink looks so good together! i really, really, really like this! if i had a pink cardigan in my 30x30 (or in general - hmm, i guess i need to get one...) i would be copying this look stat.

  20. Hahaha girl you crack me up! I am all about celebrity sightings. When I go to LA I'm always on the lookout. And I love the pink and blue combo, you look adorable in pink!

  21. Super cute blog!!!


  22. oh.my.gosh. you could have touched him. YOU COULD HAVE TOUCHED HIM!!!!!

  23. Aww you look so beautiful! I love your outfit, but I am also loving the pap shots of Ryan!

  24. I love that cardigan. The color is beautiful. Your outfit is so casual but so put together. Just the style I love!

  25. Oh my, that is totally exciting. You were so close to him.. Yowza! Pink looks great on U.

  26. OMG OMG OMG! SO AWESOME. I'm sure he's going to propose any minute now. ;)

  27. So cool! I can't believe you actually saw them. I like the pink in this outfit. Very fun.

    Girls Who Wear Pearls

  28. Yay Pink cardigan + leopard shoes! I'm going to have to try this combo sometime soon! Thanks for the inspiration!


  29. Yay! on the Ryan sighting. He looks very dapper, and that's difficult to pull off standing next to GC. Love, love, love your outfit. Hot pink and chambray. You're a girl after my own heart.

  30. Hahha it was! It totally was!!

  31. Love the pictures and congrats again for finally getting to see Ryan!!!! What a great start to your weekend;)

  32. Fashionista_Next_DoorFebruary 18, 2011 at 8:19 PM

    hehe! you are too funny. So, guess what! I totally got to meet "Ry Ry" at a screening of Lars and the Real Girl. One of my close friends was the assistant to his publicist at the time :) He is a handsome and very nice guy!

  33. Forget Gosling...Clooney was there?! CLOONEY?! So jealous. He's only been my dream husband since I was like 7 years old (ignore the creepiness of that sentence).

  34. That is awesome! I'm sure that he noticed the impeccably dressed pretty girl across the street and will track you down. :)

  35. he is soooooooo fine! i would gladly stalk. also love the outfit...super awesome color combination :)

  36. Nice pics...thanks :) http://bit.ly/GDMFans & I was an extra in Clooney movie & have invited him, cast & crew too my Green drinks Mason event http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=131321360268025 Come on out if you can make it Feb 23 @6-8pm...you might see George there.

  37. EEP! This Gosling shot did make my day, thanks lady! Pink is a beautiful color on you, it really brings out the color in your cheeks. Plus, im always, always a fan of cheetah pumps. Following, stop by my blog if ya want!

  38. I am intrigued by this ryan/clooney watch!!!! jealous! keep it coming!
    Bekah- Matters of Merrymaking

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  40. Ahhh, George Clooney!! This totally made my day, haha!
    I've voted for the next EBEW challenge, looks like polks dots are going to win this time. Which isn't that bad...I have a tunic in the back of my closet that needs to be restyled :)
    And ohh, love that bright cardi on you!

  41. I love the pink with your chambray (or denim) top! This looks amazing! And the pics of Ryan are AWESOME!!!

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