March 17, 2011

Guest Post: Miss B Gets Dressed

I interrupt your normal 26 and Counting jibber-jabber to bring you a series of guest posts. While I am away at a conference for work, let me introduce you to a few of my favorite bloggers. Today's guest post? A former Cincinnatian {move back B!} - the uber talented and fashionable Betsy from Miss B Gets Dressed!


Hello, Lovers of all things Liz! Do you miss her pretty face as much as I do? My name is Betsy of Miss B Gets Dressed and the good news is that this is Liz's last guest post before she'll grace us all with her presence again. I'm a bedding and bath product designer by day and a style blogger by early morning. I'd say night but I honestly write all of my post before work. When Liz asked me to guest post is was around the same time she was moving in to her new apartment and she had sent me a few images of her living room to get some ideas for decorating. So thought it might be fun for you all to see the result as well.

This is what we started with:

Picture 17

Aren't her red couches so much fun? I thought they were a great starting point. I found a few inspiration images and this is what Liz liked best.

Picture 13

From there I went online shopping, well online window shopping and came up with this little smattering of product for her.

Picture 20

Picture 16
lamp, #2 pillow, L pillow, yellow pillow, throw, faux shearling, tray, pears, rug (similar)

A few of the pieces are a bit aspirational but I just couldn't resist the little Adler L Pillow. I hope you all and Liz think this looks like a living room Liz could live in, because that's what such rooms are for. Either way I had a lot of fun and after a few hours spent staring at Liz's couches have decided that I must get myself a brightly colored couch. I think Liz should invite us over for a little sorie to celebrate her new place. I'd even sort of match the room :-) Don't you think?


Only one more day until the weekend and until Liz comes back! Thanks for letting me fill her shoes for a day and i hope you all will pop over to my blog. I love new friends.

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  1. Great outfit! thanks for filling in!

  2. I didn't know you were a bed/bath designer, B! How AMAZING. And yeah Liz's red couches are making me kinda crazy...I have a red problem when it comes to household decor. Love your accent suggestions!

  3. Yep commenting on my own blog because I love Betsy's top and because I AM OBSESSED with all of her ideas. That L pillow is to die for!!!

  4. I loooove your top Betsy! And what cute design ideas. I am kind of obsessing over that tray now. It reminds me of Tiffany's!

  5. Great pics Betsy! I love the necklace you used for inspiration!

  6. I love all those ideas!!! Can't wait to see pictures once Liz is done decorating!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  7. wow!! i am totally digging her style!!