May 13, 2011


Now that blogger is working {although I still have a post missing} I can tell you all I'm over here today!

Happy Friday!

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  1. I saw your other post!  Too cute.  And praise the heavens that blogger is working now.  I was about to have a meltdown in the fetal position.

  2. This is a gorgeous look! Love the stripes and floral combo! 

  3. cuuuuute! seriously, i'm in love with this. AND the color of the door behind you. love that. so much, in fact, that now i want to rush to our nearest paint store with my laptop and that photo and tell them, "THAT'S what i want. exactly." you look awesome, liz.

  4. Your blog is adorable!! I found you on the Style Bloggers Map. I'm a new blogger and I was just checking out who was near me. I live in lil ol' Liberty Indiana but I'm in Cinci quite often. [the bf lives in Fairfield]. I just thought I'd drop in & say hi!!

    Kenzi (your newest follower)