October 10, 2011

More or Less

10/7/11 4
{Top & Cardigan: J Crew, Pants: Limited, Necklace: Stella & Dot, Bracelet: c/o Poshlocket, Sunglasses: Ray Ban, Shoes: Target}

10/7/11 3

10/7/11 2

10/7/11 1

Maybe you've noticed {if not I'll tell you just keep reading} a bit of a change in my outfits lately. More pants, less skirts that is. I know, I'm surprised too. Having to dress for 12 hour days of work and school vs. just sitting at my desk for the day really have started to influence how I dress in the morning. This outfit is a prime example. It's simple and comfortable.

Of course, I can't tone it down entirely. I love jewelry and adding these two snazzy gold pieces really helped to make this outfit a bit more me. And hey, this gold bracelet is about as close I'll get to a gold star.

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  1. Jen - House Of JeffersOctober 10, 2011 at 8:44 AM

    I'm a pants gal myself. I love wearing skirts, but once it gets cold out, I'm less prone to wearing them. This is a great look for fall, btw!


  2. I guess we aren't going to be pencil skirt twins any longer!  Oh well!  I'm trying to find ways to incorporate pants into my wardrobe more to brace for winter!

  3. I love this outfit.  I am looking for inspiration of comfy outfits that look professional, (and I'm a pants gal) so keep up with these great posts!  :)

  4. Love the outfit!  That necklace is awesome.  I'll wear flats when I need to be comfortable so I feel your pain.

  5. Us style bloggers put too much pressure on ourselves to wear skirts and dresses. They photograph well, but, man, having to keep your legs crossed and act ladylike for 12 hours is too much!  ha ha.

  6. Ahh! That necklace is amazing, I'm in love :D

  7. I'm a big fan of necklaces. I just bought a few vintage/chunky ones from Forever 21. :)

  8. I love that necklace. Such a great statement piece. 

  9. I've been wearing pants pretty much everyday.  For some reason they seem
    less fussy for work.  Maybe we should make some kind of group for
    bloggers who wear pants versus the always popular skirt.  We can call it
    "Bloggers Can Wear Pants Too".

  10. what a great statement piece that necklace makes!! :)

  11. Love that necklace! You may not we wearing a skirt or dress, but that outfit still feels very you- love it!

  12. The out is simple and elegant with charming and attractive color combination!! This necklace is simply great!

  13. Definitely don't tone it down at all! That necklace is killer awesome! :D

    xo -Caitlin http://re-mix-her.tumblr.com

  14. I hear ya! I hate wearing a dress or skirt to classes and either be freezing or sweating, causing my legs to stick to the chairs and when I get up, its like ripping off the top layer of my skin (too much information?).