October 31, 2011

This blog could be called...

10/27/11 3
{Dress: Megan Nielsen, Cardigan: Nordstrom, Scarf: Gift, Boots: Steve Madden}

10/27/11 2

10/27/11 1

10/27/11 4

10/27/11 5

This blog could basically be called 26 and Obsessed. Or maybe 26 Obsessions. How about Obsessions of the 26th degree? I find myself blabbing about obsessions on here a lot. But hey that’s me and my ocd, right there on the surface for you. This outfit basically encompasses a lot of my obsessions. This dress by Megan Nielsen which I have been coveting since it came out last year. Or these boots which I’ve been eyeing for 2 years but finally just took the plunge to buy. Or the fact that I’m wearing a scarf again. But it’s fall and scarfs keep my cozy. It’s like my own little security blanket I get to carry around with me, without looking like a weirdo with an actual security blanket.

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  1. Just when we all went out an bought the Steve Madden boots, Kendi goes and gets a different pair. :) Love the whole outfit - you have excellent obsessions!! 

  2. Totally understand what you mean... I feel like I wear my chambray shirt every day!!! I can't help it though. It is such a good layering piece and it goes with everything!!!

  3. This is gorgeous!  The scarf makes the whole outfit pop!

    and Match Fashion


  4. Congratulations on your purchases!  This outfit is adorable on you!

  5. Wow I'm having an obsession with this outfit! I love the colors! Fear not! I have a scarf obsession too!

  6. Love all the pieces of this outfit and how it all comes together - really love how you did your scarf! And the Darling Ranges dress looks gorgeous on you :)

  7. love the whole outfit, so worth obsessing about!!!

  8. This is the cutest Fall outfit EVER!!!! I love the boots & the print on the dress. That scarf is great too. You get an A+ on this one!

  9. So glad you took the plunge on those boots- love them!

  10. Eek, I adore that dress!


  11. hahah were you eyeing these boots b/c of her too?

  12. Love the Megan Nielsen dress. I need to take the plunge on a couple of purchases that I have been thinking about for a long time. Why is it so hard to commit to a investment item of clothing?

  13. Found your blog through your guest post at Unusual Form and I love your blog and your style.  Consider me a new follower.


  14. I just bought these boots too after wanting them since last winter!! They are awesome--I love them :)

  15. I love this outfit!  Great colors, and yes...great dress.  No surprise you've been coveting it!  And I feel ya on the scarf security blanket.  I just have to keep reminding myself not to suck my thumb in public.  :)