November 25, 2011

Black Friday Fantasy List

Black Friday Wish List
1. Longchamp Purse | 2. J Crew Cardigan | 3. Anthropologie Dress | 4. Mac Holiday Eyeshadow | 5. Versace Sunglasses

By the time this posts goes live, I'll be wrapping up my 10 hour Black Friday shift. Yes that's right, I'm back to slaving away for the retail gods {don't ask me why} for another holiday season. Since I'm working and probably won't have the energy to hit up any sales myself, I thought I'd share with you my Black Friday Fantasy Wishlist.

If I had limitless pockets {or if these items ever went on major sale} I'd snag these lovelies up in a Black Friday minute.

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  1. Now this is a fab wish list......Id love the sweater as well:)
    I feel your pain daughter left to go work at Forever 21 this morning at THREE AM....she texted and said she wanted to cry when she pulled in and saw the parking lot....:(

    Hope your day flies by!

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  2. that dress is soo pretty!! i LOVE anthro!!

  3. Great wish list! I'm also very much in love with longchamp bags - they are not unaffordable but look very chic and classy and not cheap at all! and anthropologie is besides jcrew the first store i run into when I'm in the States ;-) xxx Anita

  4. Your wish list is very chic and classy. The sunglasses are my favorite.


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  7. great wishlist, nice post! Lovely dress! 

  8. OMG. 10 hours during Black Friday?!? I hope you had a big drink or a giant piece of cake when you got home. Or both.

    If anyone you know goes to the UK, I know Longchamp is cheaper there - my sis-in-law goes a lot for work, and that's how she buys hers!