December 20, 2011


12/16/11 3
{Top: Target, Sweater: Anthro, Jeans: J Crew, Necklace: Stella & Dot, Shoes: Target}

12/16/11 5

12/16/11 4

12/16/11 1

With the day off on Friday, I not only managed to finish my Christmas shopping but I also managed to get in an outfit post with jeans. Major blog accomplishment. Also if you’re wondering what is weird about these pictures, my bangs are pulled back. I’ve been debating growing out my bangs for a while now. This is usually the point in the process {the do or die phase I like to say} where I give in and make an emergency appointment with my hair dresser. I’m really trying to have some restraint but I have to admit I’m on the verge of caving.

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  1. that sweater looks super comfortable!!

  2. You look great with and "without" bangs. But I vote to grow 'em out. New hair! (And think of the saved time!!) :)

  3. That sweater looks the like the freaking definition of comfy.  You are lucky to have a cute normal forehead so you don't have to stick with bangs if you want a change!

  4. You could totally pull off the no bangs look if you is fun to make a change. And I love that sweater :)

  5. After I posted this I called my hair dresser. Hoping I can get in and out with just an all over color.

  6. What a great sweater! I love the pattern, and the style is super cute and flattering.

  7. Ohh, this sweater looks so comfy.

    Growing out bangs is literally the most annoying process on the face of the planet. Pure water torture... in the form of ugly hair. On the flip side, your hair doesn't look ugly in the slightest. You look great with and without bangs - hold out, you can do it!! :)

  8. a perfect winter day cardigan! xxx Anita

  9. I'm growing my bangs out, too.  We must be at that same phase - I nearly ran into a random hair salon last week and took shears to my own tresses.  But I thought that might be a bit too Britney Spears.