April 26, 2012


4/26/12 3

Top: GAP• Skirt: H&M • Blazer: Target • Shoes: Halogen via Nordstrom
4/26/12 4

4/26/12 2

4/26/12 1

After yesterday's lackluster outfit, I figured it was time to get back to outfit planning. Rather than giving my accounting class my full attention {don't tell my teacher}, I started jotting down outfit ideas. Thankfully my class finished early so I spent the rest of my night planning {an episode of New Girl may have also squeezed in}. I started with Pinterest. That led to flipping through the last few issues of Lucky Magazine. Lucky Magazine turned into me frantically ripping out pages with adorable outfits and creating an inspiration board/mess in my living room. I'm sure none of these methods are earth shattering, but its something I've gotten away from since going back to school. Granted my living room is usually always a mess, but planning is something I need to fit back into my routine.

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