June 27, 2012

In the name of outfit photos...

6/21/12 4

Dress / Flower Pin /Belt: H&M • Shoes: Alfani

6/21/12 3

6/21/12 1

In today's edition of "the things you do in the name of outfit photos" I'd like to share another funny story from the park. Typically my stories are about the occasional passerby who 1) stares at me to get out of their way while speed walking, or 2) the park workers who shout random things to me while scurrying around on their riding lawn mower or my new favorite 3) the old man who thinks I take photos for my boyfriend who is in the army {seriously, he is convinced I send these photos abroad. But hey posting photos on the internet is basically the same thing, right?}.

Well today's story is not so much about the passerbys. After 2+ years, my streak of never getting caught in a sprinkler attack is over. And I wish I could say it was just one little sprinkler, but no. Just as I set the timer on my camera the entire park's sprinkler system came on. Any normal person probably would take that as their cue to get out of the way, but not me. I had outfit photos to take goshdarnit!

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