July 26, 2012


To say I have a "thing" for sunglasses is a bit of understatement. As a kid, I had a collection of shades that I rotated through on a regular basis. Most I received by way of Happy Meals or my mom's throw aways, but either way I started my collection early. To change things up a bit, I hit a phase where I turned a few pairs into as faux glasses to seem "extra" smart. This was also coincidently the same the time my little sister popped up.

In college, I hocked sunglasses as the way to the bills. And by bills, I mean my bar tab {okay, I paid bills too}. Now, I still occasionally sell shades around the holidays for a few extra dollars. As I self-professed sunglass lover {and wearer here on the blog} I thought I'd share my 3 go-to styles. While I usually wear my wayfarers most often, I get a lot of milages out of my aviators too. And for good measure, I recently added a pair oversized cat-eye frames to round out my collection.



Fashion | Aviator | Wayfarer

Are you a sunglass lover? If so share your favorite style in the comments!

*These are just a few of my favorites, but you can find similar styles in prices ranges across the board.
My favorite pair in college were $10 from Nordstrom {I still have them too}.
If they look good, rock them!

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