August 27, 2012

So Long Weekend

Weekend Update 
I had planned to get this post up earlier, but my photoshopping and typing skills were still resting from the weekend. Although they're from the past few days, it's funny how much these photos basically sum up my entire summer {I'll be mourning the end of summer as I go back to school today tonight...}

Hung out with friends, check.
Played games, double check
Enjoyed catching up on my backlogged DVR {and finally found who Honey Boo Boo is}
And my soon to be fall obsession, Fantasy Football.

Well it's been real summer. Despite your frizz inducing humidity and your ability to keep me up more hours of the day than I'd like - its been a blast. See you again in another 9 months.

*side note, I know there is technically almost a complete month left of summer but for me school = the end of my freetime/life/ability to watch tv etc. 

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