November 12, 2012

Black & Blue


Dress: c/o Stitchfix Scarf: MadewellSunglasses: Ray-Ban • Boots: Steve Madden




Today was one of those days when what I planned to wear just didn't work. Neither did the next outfit, or next. By the time I got around to this outfit, I had a ridiculous pile of clothes and accessories covering my bed, which of course I never got around to making. Plus I was running late to work.

Looking at it now, I'm glad those other outfits didn't work because if I had the extra time I don't know if this outfit would have turned out this way. That's not to say I don't like this outfit, because I really do. But the mix of blue, black, and brown resulted more so out what was laying around than it being something I came up with. Although the floral scarf, totally my idea.

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