December 10, 2012


Insta - Nov 2b
1. Is there anything better {or cuter} than a bit of lemon sorbet on an unseasonably warm December day? I think not.

2. Despite my sister saying I'm in a polka dot phase, my one true love is still animal print. If there is any room in tiny closet for anything else {which there isn't by the way} it's for animal print.

3. My new at home sleep remedy. One part cold winter ale, one part sleepy time tea, and one part cozy bed with LOST playing in the background.

4. I'm usually not a morning person, but it was hard not to like this 8am view from the office last week.

5. New glasses! Plus another finished semester of graduate school in the books -- HOORAY!

6. A little outfit inspiration It's amazing what a little bit of planning can do. Not only am I out the door sooner, but I have a little makeshift decorative display in my bedroom.

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