January 2, 2013

Not so quick

12/22/12 4

Sweater: J.CrewPants: LOFT •  Watch: Fossil Shoes: Madewell
12/22/12 2
12/22/12 1

12/22/12 3

While most bloggers are talking about the New Year and resolutions, this girl is still a bit stuck 2012. So I hope you don't mind one last outfit. This outfit actually got a decent amount of action over the holidays. I donned it see the Nutcracker with some of my girl friends and then wore it again to my family's Christmas Eve gathering. Sometimes a good {and comfortable} outfit deserve to be worn twice in a 72 hour span. Why else would anyone need febreeze?

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1 comment:

  1. Nothing wrong with using the same outfit twice! I figure it helps to save on the cost of detergent ;)