February 14, 2013

A Single Girl's Valentine's Day Outfit

2/14/13 1

Top: Sweater • Pants: Limited • Blazer: Gap • Scarf: Hot  Mama • Shoes: Alfani

2/14/13 2

2/14/13 4

2/14/13 3

I've never been one to dress super literal for holidays. Most of that is a lack of planning on my part, but some of that is just my personality. But today for Valentine's I thought I'd put together an outfit that it fits my own version of Valentine's. I started with a bit of pink because, obviously that's the color of the day. From there I added a loose boyfriend blazer {who needs an actual bf when you've got this kind of blazer?}, a fur stole for a little bit of romanticism, and then I capped it off with a vintage broach. In the end my outfit probably doesn't scream Valentine's Day but that's what I like about it. It's all in the details.

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