February 11, 2013

Pattern Mixing at Work

My sister made the comment the other day that my closet has been taken over by patterns!
She's right.

I've always been a fan of stripes and florals, but when I started in the "corporate world" I leaned towards wearing solids  {because that's what professionals wore, right?} and saved most of my beloved prints for the weekend. Sure I wore striped tops or floral prints to work every now and then, but the thought of wearing them together? No way! Somewhere between starting this blog and becoming more comfortable in my ability to make work wear work for me, I slowly started mixing patterns together. A leopard shoe here, a floral skirt there, and now I'm an owner of an overflowing closet full of patterns.   

Since more often than not, I'm sporting at least one pattern I thought today I'd share a few work appropriate pieces for the other liked minded pattern obsessed corporate gal out there.


Striped Top // Striped Skirt // Animal Print Shoes // Animal Print Scarf
Floral Top // Floral Skirt // Polka Dot Top // Polka Dot Pants

For those of you thinking "Liz, pattern mixing is so last year!" You're totally right. But if you're a girl like me working in corporate America and you're looking for a small way to change up your outfits pattern mixing is a great tool!

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