February 1, 2013

So long January!


Well January, weren't you just a hell of a month!

School // If someone was a winner this month it was {unfortunately} school. It completely dominated my life. With my capstone project not due for another 3 weeks, it looks like February is going to be more of the same.

Life // Despite lots of hours logged at the office and school, January did have a few fun moments here and there, but winning $200 at the casino {best baby shower idea EVER} had take the cake!

Style // January wasn't my most fashionable month {as witnessed by the lack of outfit posts}. In fact an embarrassing amount of time was spent in leggings and sweatshirts. And if it wasn't that, then it was whatever outfit was the easiest/quickest to throw on. Although there were a few honorable mentions.
January Fav
Coming Up // I still have a good bit of school to look forward to in February, but more importantly I'm giving myself a weekend {or at least a Saturday off} to celebrate my 29th birthday!

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