March 29, 2013

In Review: March


Oh March...despite a seemingly never ending winter, you've been a pretty good month. Plus any month that gives me a new Justin Timberlake album is definitely a winner. Also, apparently I'm eating a lot lately. Or at least that's what I'm choosing to document on Instagram. In other news, I still haven't found a new Netflix obsession to fill the hole that the West Wing left, but I'm not giving up yet! Perhaps, I'll give the Walking Dead a second try. Or maybe Breaking Bad or Sons of Anarchy? If you have a recommendation let me know in the comments!
- Road trip to Chicago for St. Patrick's Day!
- March Madness! With my teams out of the picture I'm throwing all of my support to my bracket winner. Go Syracuse! 

Favorite Outfits:
- You can check out the original posts here and here.
Looking Forward To:
- Reds Opening Day!
- Keeneland Opening Weekend
- Getting back involved with Delta Zeta and the trip to Atlanta for training

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