March 21, 2013


3/19/13 3

  Sweater: LOFTPants: Limited Scarf: Stella & Dot Shoes: Alfani

 3/19/13 1

3/19/13 4

3/19/13 2

Time to get back to outfit posting!
I meant to post this earlier since these photos are actually from Tuesday...but it's just been one of those weeks when everything has taken longer than planned.

I'm also officially on Spring Break {although considering it's Thursday I'm also late on celebrating this!}! Unfortunately, it's still hovering around freezing here in Ohio so I added a nice little warm spring hue to these photos to help me forgot how cold and windy it was at 8am. If it's not going to be start acting like spring, the least I can do is make my photos feel a bit more spring-ish, right? 

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