May 30, 2013

Any Day of the Week

5/28/13 2

Top: LOFT • Pants: Limited • Necklace: Stella & Dot • ShoesHalojen

5/28/13 4

5/28/13 1

Let's talk wrinkles, because clearly I have some of that going on! Despite a good steaming, my pants are apparently wrinkle prone. Although in my defense, I think these photos are exaggerating the wrinkles just a bit. I debated trying to smooth out the wrinkles in photoshop but that involved skills that, well, I just don't have. Plus it felt a bit dishonest...

So rather than go that route, you get some wrinkled pants and a bit of honesty. But hey the pants are green which is kind of cool. Plus the added bonus of having a good hair day. And in my book good hair days > wrinkled pants any day of the week.

Plus that honesty is thing is reason enough, right?  

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