June 6, 2013


6/4/13 2

Top: Limited• Blazer: Limited • Skirt: LOFT • Shoes: Me TOO

6/4/13 1

6/4/13 3

I love those morning when you just know what you want to wear that day {and the outfit actually looks as good on, as it did in your head}! But more and more those days are few and far between. The last couple of months have been a bit of whirlwind between school and starting a new job in the next few weeks {more to come on that later}, and putting together new outfits hasn't been a priority.

As my life has gotten more hectic the past few months, my style started to change. After years of loving to mix and match prints, lately I've been gravitating towards something a bit more simple. And today's outfit is a perfect example of that. Sure I am still rocking my printed pants, and I love a good animal print as much as the next girl, but there's something to be said about something simple and classic. Maybe it's reflection of all of the craziness of my recent job transition. Or maybe it's just my style evolving. Either way, I am enjoying the new direction my life and style is headed.

So if you've been curious as to why posting as slowed down a bit , it's because I've been rocking a lot of outfit repeats. Sometimes it's just easier to go with an old standby then stand in front of your closet racking your brain for something different. And as for the job, I'll be making the switch in coming weeks! I'll still be here in Cincinnati and still with the same company, but I'll finally be putting all that schoolwork to good use!  

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