October 14, 2013

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10/14/13 1

10/14/13 2

10/14/13 3

10/14/13 4

Top: LOFT • Blazer: Zara • Pants: LimitedNecklace: Ann Taylor • Shoes: Madewell

Seeing as today was {hopefully} my last first day of school, I figured it was only fitting to sport a schoolboy blazer. And thankfully my new exact stretch maroon pants arrived just in time {praise to the online shopping delivering gods}. Because even though my black ankle pants are awesome, let's face it these maroon pants are pretty spectacular.

So I packed my school bag last night, hung it on my door knob {because well, I'm forgetful} and headed out for the 1st of 7 remaining 12 hour days. It was only fitting that when I walked into class, I pretty much coordinated with my professor -- we were tweed blazer twins. If that doesn't earn this girl a bit of extra credit, I don't know what will.  

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