October 1, 2013

Very Superstitous

10/1/13 2
Top: JCrew Factory • Pants: The Limited • Scarf: JCrewt • Shoes: Madewell

10/1/13 3 

10/1/13 4 

10/1/13 1

I'm a fairly superstitious sports fan. Which is why I wore red today. And it also why, I planned to watch the Reds game at the same place I watched their 1st playoff game last year. Sadly, my efforts were unsuccessful.

As long as the baseball season is, I am always ad to see it go. And to make matters worse, I am headed to Pittsburgh {for non-sports fans the Reds are playing the Pittsburgh Pirates} this weekend. I'm sure my PA family will LOVE giving us Cincinnatians a hard times about the end of our season.

Here's to next season {and to finding a new superstition}!

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