October 22, 2013

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Top: J Crew Factory • Blazer: Target • Pants: The LImited • Shoes: Madewell

I have a tendency to be a bit obsessive, particularly when I find something I love. So when it comes to clothing that typically means I buy multiples of my favorite items. Or when it comes to TVs I just can't seem to help myself but spend an entire weekend marathoning my newest obsession. But before I get on a tangent about Olivia Pope, let's bring it back to my point: these pants.

If you've read this blog for a while, you know I practically live in ankle pants. And while I've tried a few different styles/brands/whathaveyou here and there I keep coming back to this style from the Limited. So when presented with opportunity to add some color to my stack of my black slacks I couldn't resist.

But I am not totally without willpower. I have yet to add any fall colored Tippi sweaters to my collection.

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