November 6, 2013

Cargo Compliments

11/5/13 1

11/5/13 5

11/5/13 3

11/5/13 4 
11/5/13 2

Top: Maurices • Jacket: Gap • Scarf: Fossil • Pants: The Limited • Shoes: Ann Taylor

Most days your lunch break is nothing special, right? It's almost like a tease. An hour of freedom and then back to work. Or worse, your day is so busy that you're stuck at your desk working through your "free" hour. Other days you get random compliment while in waiting in line at Subway. And while my lunch hour was more of a lunch half hour today, it did make my day!

In other news, today's photos are from my new {to me} camera! Ta-da! Even though a few of the photos were a bit out of focused, it's nothing a little trial and error can't fix. Any dslr users have any tips or tricks? If so, share in the comments!   

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