November 4, 2013

Extra, Extra

11/1/13 3

11/1/13 2

11/1/13 1

11/1/13 4

TopJCrew • Sweater JCrew • Pants: The Limited • Watch: Fossil • Shoes:  JCrew Factory

Between lots of errands, getting caught up around my apartment, and a few good meals I'd say this weekend was pretty great! Plus any weekend with an extra hour of sleep {and an extra hour of breakfast at Panera} is fabulous #imgettingold ...

Not to mention falling back an hour should help out around the old blog. It's been way too dark with photos before heading to work so hopefully this little fall back shindig will help this girls out. I'm sure that's what good ole Ben Franklin had in mind when he thought of daylight savings time, right? What a forward thinking guy helping all the blogger gals out there with their lonesome tripod trying to get a decent photo {and avoid awkward run-ins}  in before a hard days work! 

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