November 5, 2013


11/4/13 3

11/4/13 1

11/4/13 4

11/4/13 2

TopAnn Taylor • Blazer: Zara • Sweater: LOFT • Pants: The Limited • Shoes:  JCrew Factory

I found myself with a bit more time than usual this morning which was a nice surprise, seeing as I am usually running out the door {and running back because I almost always forget something!}. But it turns out that more time meant adding more layers. What started first as a just a silk top and necklace quickly turned into shirt + sweater combo. And then a few minutes layers I had on this blazer. Honestly, I don't even remember going back into my closet but clearly these photos are all the I need evidence. I wonder if I can get this lucky with tomorrow outfit's choice? 

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