December 18, 2013

It's A Mad Plaid World

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12/16/13 1

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Sweater: Madewell • Pants: The Limited • Scarf: Madewell • Sunglasses: Prada • Boots: Steve Madden

I've been a bit slow on the plaid trend this season, but after seeing this scarf at Madewell this weekend I knew I had met my perfect plaid match. Since button ups are hard for me to wear and plaid pants really don't accentuate my best features, this scarf was a great way for me to add the this trend to my closet. I'm a scarf lover so I know this will get its fair share of use during these next few months. Plus it's practically big enough to use as a blanket and I'm a sucker for anything that has multiple purposes. 

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