December 12, 2013


12/12/13 2

12/12/13 1

12/12/13 4

12/12/13 3

Top: Ann Taylor • PantsAnn TaylorCoat: Ann Taylor • Sunglasses: Prada • Boots: Ann Taylor

It may be your lucky number...
Or maybe your favorite memory from friends {for the record it's mine}...
But today, it was the actual temperature while taking photos....
And it took about seven hours for my fingers to feel normal....
Just a typical day while style blogging in December, right?

Anyways, you might have noticed this outfit is entirely from Ann Taylor. This is not a sponsored post, but it is an obsession of mine. An obsession that actually paid off. This is the outfit I won during the Chic Sweepstakes earlier this fall. I've rocked this look a couple of times, but figured it was due time for it's debut on the blog. 

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