December 9, 2013

Winter Wonderland

12/9/13 5

12/9/13 2

12/9/13 4

12/9/13 1

12/9/13 3

Shirt: Old Navy • Sweater: LOFT • Jeans: J.Brand • Jacket: Ann Taylor • Boots: Steve Madden

As you can tell from the backdrop, we have a bit of winter wonderland here in Ohio. Despite my freezing fingers, I have to say I'm loving the snow {particularly when snow leads to an early dismissal from work on a Friday afternoon}!

Speaking of snow, someone really should have told me to enjoy snow days more as kid because as an adult they are really few and far between ..... and oh yeah stressful. Man driving home Friday afternoon was a nightmare and when I got home I didn't have any reliable snow gear to enjoy the snow in. So I did the next best thing and wrapped myself in a blanket and watch hours and hours of netflix. So yeah, it basically was a normal Friday night ... but I did get 3 more hours of movie watching in! 

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