January 8, 2014

It's Black, It's White...

1/5/13 1

1/5/13 2

1/5/13 3

1/5/13 4

1/5/13 6

1/5/13 5

Coat: Old Navy •Sweater: Madewell • Top: JCrew • PantsThe Limited• Shoes: Madewell

I've worn a version of this outfit off and on since last winter. This sweater is a winter life saver. It's super soft like pajamas, but professional. If I ever envisioned my own clothing line that would be it:
Professional pajamas. You get the idea....

So yeah, it's freezing in the midwest everywhere. You know this, I know this. Brrr. 
So besides blogging, I've  been catching up on some reading {you thought I was going to say TV, right? Well I've been doing that too}. Since picking up Divergent before Christmas I've been on a YA reading kick. I've also been on a documentary kick. Something about the new year always make want to strive towards intellectual hobbies {although they usually last a month}. But hey I'm also reading Lean In so there's that! 

Please excuse this rambling of words, I've been on sudafed for a week now. 
Time to freshen my tea.

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