January 23, 2014

Snow Problem

1/21/14 2

1/21/14 1

1/21/14 3

1/21/14 6

1/21/14 4

1/21/14 5

Coat: Old Navy • Blazer: Gap• Dress: Gap • Scarf: via Stichfix • Boots: Steve Madden

This weather... it snow joke! 

No really, it's no joke. After waking up late {what else is new?} I made my best effort to get out the door and beat the next onslaught of snow. I even ditched my usual coffee drive-thru in the effort of time {okay, and safety}. What do you know I ended up at work 20 minutes earlier than usual. 10 if you count my detour to Coffee Emporium in our office lobby. Hey it's no DD, but it will do! 

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