January 2, 2014

Sporting It

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12/28/13 4

Sweater: JCrew JeansMadewell • Jacket: Gap• Shoes: Gap

Well hello 2014! 

True to form my first post of the new year is an outfit from last year. Thanks to the holidays and PTO days I was able to get some snap some shots of this casual look. Between family time and holiday parties, I met up with some friends to watch the Kentucky vs. Louisville basketball game. The game is a pretty big deal here in the Bluegrass. Lots of bragging rights, excuse to yell at friends who like the other team, and have fun! 

Rather than sport a tee, I thought I'd throw on my trusty crew-neck sweater and my go-to utility jacket. Plus the horse emblem on my necklace adds a bit of Kentucky to the look. And hey the Cats won -- even better!

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