January 17, 2014

TGIF // 2

Moved my couch to the other wall today and relocated the TV. Does that count as a workout?Best $12 I ever spent on a sweater.Work uniform in full effect today! Ankle pants deserve a special place in heaven, or maybe just my closet #ootd @thelimitedMy friends know me so well! #animalprintlover thanks for the early bday gift @kellmarie13

Hooray it’s Friday! Although as exciting as that is I thought yesterday was Friday…
{major disappointment when I realized it was only Thursday!}

I've been feeling a bit bored with my apartment, so over the weekend I rearranged my living room.  
{Who knew couches were so heavy?}

Monday I relaxed, drank wine, and talked Bachelor trash with Lauren.  
{perk of having friends w/ in walking distance}

And Tuesday was another great night for New Girl &The Mindy Project.
{Sometimes I think Mindy is actually in my brain. Not only is her JC Chasez logic spot on,
but this week she made multiple Entourage references. Love her!}

I logged a few good work outs between Spinning and Bootcamp, which totally legitimized
the 4 hours of American Idol I watched. 

{and thanks to Harry Connick Jr. and this kid, I've been sucked back in}

And tomorrow I’m headed to Lexington for a little Sorority get together…
{Yes, I’m almost 30 and still a total sorority girl}

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