January 21, 2014

Work It Out

Full Disclosure: As I'm writing this, I'm sitting on my couch post-workout. My hair in sweaty mess and I'm fairly certain there are traces of eyeliner that resemble that of a raccoon. Thankfully I slipped out of the gym without anyone recognizing me...I think.

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Working out at lunch is my new favorite thing! But figuring out this whole getting sweaty, showering, and putting myself back together thing is surprisingly a lot more difficult than I imagined. I'll be the first to admit that I am a bit high maintenance {thanks frizzy hair}, but after a few weeks of regular lunch time workouts I've got a pretty good routine down.

For any of you out there who frequent the gym at lunch {or love a good product recommendation} here are a few of my favorite items. Here's to getting fitting and getting back to office in a {somewhat} reasonable amount of time.

The Bag: The O.G. from Lo & Sons is fantastic. It's stylish, super roomy, and fits perfectly {and discreetly under my desk}

The Clothes: Obviously, I wear more than a top and socks, but I'm addicted to the Gap and Target when it comes to workout clothes. Colorful and soft what else do you need? 

The Makeup: After a quick shower I just touch up my makeup. A quick swipe of Bare Escentuals Light Stroke and Benefit Lip Gloss and I'm good to go! 

The Hair: The mop on my head is the biggest issues, but between Bumble & Bumble Pret a Powder {it doubles as a dry shampoo and slight fragrance} and a travel sized bottle of L'Oreal Elnet my hair is fairly put together. But the real star here is the BaByliss Mini Straightener. A few sweeps and my bangs are back to normal and I'm able tame the crazy frizzies. 

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