April 4, 2014


A quick glimpse into my life the past few weeks!

Cheers! Happy opening day! #reds #sshshesreallyapiratesfanOutside enjoying a little iced coffee on my off day!
Opening day shenanigans with my girl Lauren! 30 may feel old, but not too old to take a PTO day to day drink 

Love this one from last night! #crowepartyof2 #college #toooldforhashtagsAnd guest #storyofmylife #crowepartyof2
If you follow me on instagram then you saw an abundance of photos hashtagged #crowepartyof2 but when of your good friends ties the knot how can you not use their wedding hashtag like woah?

Let's try this again! #gocats #bbn #theonlythingmissingisjortsFrom bourbon to vodka now it's tequila time! #crowepartyof2 @kellmarie13 #college #toooldforhashtags
It may not be March anymore, but my Cats are playing into April which is even BETTER! I'll be sporting my lucky tank tomorrow when the Cats play Wisconsin! 

Until next week friends!

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