May 21, 2014

The Short & Tall of Things

5/17/13 3


5/17/13 4


5/17/13 2


Top: Anthropolgie • JeansMadewell • Bag: Old Navy • Sunglasses: Prada • ShoesSeychelles

I was eyeing this top for weeks before I finally took her home with me. And by eyeing, I mean I kept randomly finding myself in the Anthropologie dressing room trying this on. It's a bit short and a little bit moo-moo-ish {just go with it} but I love it anyways. And given my obsession with mom high-waisted jeans the shortness is balanced out.

This is another outfit that's been on heavy rotation the last few weeks. It's been great for slightly cooler evenings but the top still as a lightness to it which is great! In fact, I keep hoping Anthro marks this top down so I can picked up another one. The only tough decision will be which pattern do I choose?!

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