November 20, 2014

Cropped Conspiracy

Madewell Dress + Scarf2

Madewell Dress + Scarf

Madewell Dress + Scarf5

Madewell Dress + Scarf4

Madewell Dress + Scarf3

Dress: Madewell • ScarfMadewell • Boots: Steve Madden • Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Real talk, cropped tops are not even in the realm of possibility for me. There was a quick, fleeting, moment when I did buy one from Anthro. I thought maybe I could pull it off with a high waisted skirt, but then I realized no one makes a skirt that actually goes up to your boobs {which is what I would have needed to make said cropped top work}

So a faux crop top is what I'm left with, and that's a-okay. Being the Madewell fan that I am, this was pretty much destined to be in my closet. Throw in a 30% off sale and yep, well that was that. Welcome home faux cropped dress, welcome home indeed. 

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