November 18, 2014

Semi Pro

Floral Pants1

Sweater: Ann Taylor• Blazer: H&M• PantsAnthropologie Glasses: Chanel

Well this outfit suffered a photo fail {which given how long I've been blogging I am surprised hasn't happened sooner}! But lo and behold when I went to import my photos -- only this photo survived. Weird, and mega frustrating! #thebloggingstruggleisreal 

So today's post is a bit short, but I couldn't resist sharing this photo. 

I really love this outfit, and, well I'm a sucker for patterned pants {shocking, I know!}! Plus this outfit will also be remembered as the time a Cincinnati local stopped me while taking photos to give me an impromptu photo lesson. While it may have resulted in the strange disappearance of the photos from my memory card, it did result in a good chuckle after he left. So beware Cincinnati ladies, there is a self proclaimed "semi-pro" photographer lurking around our parts. 

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